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Blaydon Shipping Wharf

Blaydon Burn, lead wharf
Image Date: 
19th century
Image Description: 
The shipping wharf at Blaydon and Stella developed chiefly for the export of lead and later coal. In the 18th century lead was sent to Blaydon from mills on the River Derwent and from as far a field as Allenheads, Rookhope and Feldon, near Edmundbyers. The lead was carried by pack-horse down waggonways to staithes at Blaydon for shipment down the River Tyne and on to elsewhere in the country. In the 19th century coal was also transported for shipment. This image shows coal waggons waiting to unload their cargo via coal-drops to the waiting keelboats. When the railway arrived in Blaydon in 1835 many of the staithes disspeared as coal could be transported by rail. The illustration shows the wharf west of the Blaydon Burn. Pictured from left is the rear of the old keelmen's cottages which stood on Bridge Street. The large house with the flagpole is Stella House and behind at Summerhill is the summerhouse belonging to the Stella Hall estate.
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