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Tyne and Wear HER(1003): Swing Bridge - Details

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Swing Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne


Gateshead and Newcastle

Swing Bridge




Movable Bridge

Swing Bridge

Early Modern



Nineteenth century hydraulic swing bridge. The main structure, complete with its hydraulic equipment, is by Sir W.G. Armstrong & Co. of Elswick. Opened for road traffic 15th June 1876 and for river traffic 17th July 1876, work having started in 1868. Although the pumps were electrified in 1959,the original hydraulic engines are in every day use moving the bridge. The length of the moving part is 281feet and weighs 1450 tons. It was erected by the Tyne Improvement Commissioners at a cost of £233,000. Thought to be the fourth bridge on the site. One of the few surviving nineteenth century hydraulic swing bridges in the country, also important for its connections with Armstrong and for its role in the development of industry in the upper parts of the Tyne.SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND LISTED GRADE 2*




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