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Gateshead and Sunderland

Bowes Railway - Wardley to Lamesley




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Early Modern



Partly preserved standard gauge rope haulage railway with associated structures and apparatus. One of a large number of important colliery railways leading to the south bank of the Tyne. From staiths at Jarrow the line was opened in 1826 to Springwell and Mount Moor, having been engineered by George Stephenson. In 1842 it was extended to Kibblesworth and by 1855 it had linked with other sections of colliery railway which stretched toward Pontop and became known as the Pontop and Jarrow Railway. It was renamed the Bowes Railway in 1932 and worked until the closure of the last colliery on the line, Kibblesworth Colliery, which closed in 1974. At its closure three stationary electric haulers, one gravity inclined plane and diesel locomotives were all used, making this the last such system in Great Britain. Included within the monument are the colliery and railway workshops which comprised the former Springwell Colliery. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT




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