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N Tyneside

Willington village


NZ36NW NZ3167



Shrunken Village



Documentary Evidence

First mentioned in 1072 when it formed part of Bishop Walcher's gift to the priory of Durham. A mill is recorded in 1299, and a windmill also noted in 1438-9 & 1464. In 1536-7 there was a waste water mill and a salt pan. In 1539 8 tenants paid the identical rent of 33s 4d each, + 3s 4d for the salt pan. Eight farms are also mentioned in 1585, but by 1839 there were 6 farms of very unequal size of which 3 were outside the village, which consisted of West (Willington) Farm, the smithy, and Middle (Willington) Farm on the south side of the green, and Willington Farm on the north side. Originally it was a 2-row green village of oval outline, with the green located around the present cul-de-sac, Engine Inn Road.




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