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Tyne and Wear HER(1051): Backworth Colliery, East Holywell Branch - Details

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N Tyneside

Backworth Colliery, East Holywell Branch

East Holywell



Railway Transport Site


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Wagonway from East Holywell Colliery (NZ 3123 7314). Terminates at junction with Backworth Wagonway (NZ 3063 7149). Marked East Holywell Colliery Railway on2nd edition Ordnance Survey Map, with a remodelled junction with the Backworth Wagonway and a new one with the NER Blyth & Tyne/Backworth & Morpeth Line (HER ref. 1055). The course of the wagonway is preserved as a trackway.




<< HER 1051 >> 1st edition Ordnance Survey map, 1865, 6 inch scale, Northumberland, 81 2000, Moor Edge Farm, Archaeological Assessment; John Elliott & Derek Charlton, 1994, Backworth - An Illustrated History of the Mines and Railways; Alison Deegan, 2018, South East Northumberland Air Photograph and Lidar Mapping Project; Next Perspectives APGB Imagery NZ3173 05-JUN-2016

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