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Tyne and Wear HER(1054): Whitley Bay, Firing Range - Details

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N Tyneside

Whitley Bay, Firing Range

Whitley Bay



Military Training Site

Firing Range

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

800 yard rifle range with butts, targets and two flagstaffs shown on 2nd edition Ordnance Survey Map. Shown on fifth edition of 1960 as disused.In 1894 Joseph Patterson of Hartley East Farm let a field to the army for use as a rifle range. This started an argument between George Ewan, who had built cottages on St. Mary's Island and his landlord Lord Hastings of Delaval, because visitors to the island were in danger from bullets. The earthwork remains of old butts are still visible.




<< HER 1054 >> 2nd edition Ordnance Survey map, 1898, 6 inch scale, Northumberland, 81, SE; North Tyneside Council, 2005, St. Mary's Island Draft Conservation Area Character Statement

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