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N Tyneside

Blyth and Tyne Railway (Seghill Wagonway)




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Documentary Evidence

The Blyth and Tyne Railway, enters/leaves the County at NZ 2952 7414. Marked on 2nd edition Ordnance Survey Map as the NER Newcastle, Backworth & Morpeth Line. Included Holywell Station (HER ref. 1107) and Prospect Hill Station (HER ref. 1145). Its southern limit was at Northumberland Dock (HER ref. 2111), where the line divided many times to serve the staiths within the dock. The line is also marked as the NER Blyth & Tyne Section on the 2nd edition Ordnance Survey Map. This line overlay the Seghill Wagonway, which was opened in 1839, from Seghill Colliery to Howdon. Work on this stretch of line started in 1845 and finished in 1847. The southern end was extended and realigned with the construction of the Northumberland Dock in 1857. The Blyth & Tyne Railway was sold to the N.E.R. in 1874.




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