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S Tyneside

Whitburn village








Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference to Whitburn is in 1183. In c.1382 seven residents were described as free tenants, 31 as holding demesne land, 5 as cottagers and 19 as holding exchequer lands (this is not a total number of tenants as there was overlapping between the categories). A total of 30 separate holdings were listed, along with a windmill and a pound. In layout it was probably originally a 2-row green village, of average size. The green does not extend through the eastern half of the settlement, where the onetime hallgarth projected north to reduce the width of Front Street. The early street pattern, with the parish church behind the south row of houses, appears to survive although the houses have ben much rebuilt. The Hall was demolished in 1980 and the site built over. Limestone boundary/garden walls are a striking feature of the village.




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