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Dunston, Metro Centre




Shopping Centre



Extant Building

The Metro Centre, which opened in 1987, was designed by Ronald Chipchase & Associates 1987. At this time, the 2.25 million sq ft complex was the largest out-of-town shopping centre in Europe and was renowned for its indoor theme park, complete with rollercoaster. There are 350 retailers with units along malls that are roughly H-shaped. The two-storey malls have double-pitched glazed roofs and buff terrazzo flooring and finishes with 'egg-box' panelled ceilings. Along with the theme park, other themed areas include The Meditteranean Village and The Antiques Village. Here the shops have old-fashioned shopfronts inserted into 'traditional' facades with gables and dormers. The floor is paved with quarry tiles and the area is lit with lanterns. There is also a large food court and 50 restaurants and bars. Outside, the centre is surrounded by surface, and multi-storey car parks. The flat-roofed building is not impressive from the outside. It is of steel-frame construction and the largely blind walls are clad in red brick although there are some areas of mirrored glazing.




National Monuments Record NZ 26 SW 255 and monument number 1356547, Building File BF101763

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