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Newcastle, Quayside, Trinity Chare, Brewery




Brewing and Malting Site


Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

In 1770 a brewhouse at Trinity Chare was let to John Thompson for £4 a year. He died by 1788 and the brewhouse was taken over by James and Thomas Row, who are listed in Baillie's directory of 1801 as 'the property of Messrs Row and Richardson, where great quantities of beer and porter are brewed'. Bennison states that the term 'porter' implies a brewer displaying innovation, because Porter was recorded in 1807 to have been recently introduced into Tyneside breweries. James Row died in 1807 when the business included a leasehold malting in Rewcastle Chare, warehouses and cellars in Broad Chare and three public houses. A malthouse (HER 10429) is shown at the end of Trinity Chare on second edition OS.




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