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Tyne and Wear HER(10874): Ouseburn, Ouse Street, Ouseburn Brewery - Details

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Ouseburn, Ouse Street, Ouseburn Brewery




Brewing and Malting Site


Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

In 1800 R.S. Richardson & Co. ran the newly finished Ouseburn Brewery. Its lease was up for sale in 1802 (R.S. Richardson Jnr wanted to retire to the countryside) when it was described as 'particularly constructed for working with few hands and most eligibly situated for disposing of small beer, yeast and grains'. It was offered for sale again in 1807, a 'brewery and malting with all utensils complete, under one roof, with large dry yard walled round'. The Richardson's lease finally ran out in 1816 and the building was advertised as 'formerly occupied as brewery and malting'. James Harvey & Co. (James Harvey, Robert Etherington and Edward Walton) later ran an Ouseburn Brewery. The company disbanded in 1831 but Etherington and Walton continued with the business. A Robert Etherington was also known to have brewed at a New Road Brewery.




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