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Tyne and Wear HER(10883): Sunderland, Humbledon Hill, Civil War camp - Details

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Sunderland, Humbledon Hill, Civil War camp




Military Camp

Army Camp

Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

On 7th March 1644 the Scottish troops were based on Humbledon Hill. Their magazine at Sunderland provided powder, musket balls and eight 12-pound cannonballs to Humbledon Hill. On seeing the royalist troops marching from Penshaw Hill (HER 10881) towards the town, the Scots left the hill and a skirmish took place at Offerton. On 9th March seven Scottish regiments crossed the Wear. On 12 March the Scottish army split, marching towards Durham, Hartlepool and South Shields. Two regiments were left in Sunderland. Here Catholic prisoners and captives from other Civil War skirmishes were held.




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