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Sunderland, Hasting Hill, interrupted ditch enclosure





Ditched Enclosure




The enclosure measures c.100 m x 60 m, and is marked by a single interrupted ditch. In 1980 the ditch was tested in two places. On the west side it was preserved to a width of 2.20 m, and showed up as a compact silty brown soil against the whitish limey natural soil. Its depth was not explored, but the deposits appeared to be well preserved. On the south side the ditch had been severely damaged by ploughing and was barely 1 m wide and only 20 to 30 cm deep. A small amount of animal bone came from just below the modern plough soil. The gradiometer survey showed the main ditch, with gaps, and internal features including a circular ditch. The excavation showed that the enclosure and associated features, which are unique in the north-east, are being steadily destroyed by ploughing. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT.




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