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N Tyneside

North Shields, Northumberland Square, wooden dolly 5

North Shields


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The doll (the fifth in North Shields) takes the form of a fisherwomen carrying a basket, rather than a ship's figurehead, was carved for the Corporation by Robert Thompson Ltd. in 1958. It has two mice carved into it - Thompson's trademark. In 1986 the sculpture was covered in a thick layer of brown paint, which has obscured the detail {1}. The fifth North Shields wooden dolly was a tribute to May Spence (the sculptor of the fourth wooden dolly at Customs House Quay, HER 4494) by the civic authorities, funded by the Mayor of Tynemouth. It was unveiled on 22nd October 1958 May Spence's 100th birthday. The fifth dolly was carved by Robert Thompson Ltd of Kilburn in Yorkshire. The two small mice signify 'industry in quiet places'. A tradition of 144 years was broken when this dolly was placed at Northumberland Square rather than Customs House Quay. This dolly is carved in mahogany. She was restored in 1986 {2}.




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