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S Tyneside

Jarrow, Drewett's Park



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces





Once part of the Jarrow Hall (HER 8070) Estate, which was itself former monastic land. The land between the hall and the church (HER 1229) was given as a memorial park in the early 20th century. The park is surrounded by brick and stone walls, with a terraced area leading up to the hall. The park has concrete pavers and brick kerbs to the paths. The grass is well maintained and there are timber and metal benches. The play area is on tarmac. There are mature trees on all sides of the park and across the northern edge of the play area, which weakens the relationship with Jarrow Hall. At the north-east corner there is a timber pergola and a formal arrangement of paths. Along the path to the church are reproduction Victorian-style lamp standards set in concrete bases with inappropriate modern lamp heads. To the west of Drewett's Park is a tarmac coach park.




South Tyneside Council, September 2006, St. Paul's Conservation Area Character Appraisal

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