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Crookhill, Stargate Lane, War Memorial




Commemorative Monument

War Memorial




First and Second World War Memorial. Unveiled 14th February 1920. A column of polished granite with a draped urn at the top. The names for WW1 are on the front, those for WW2 on the back. The memorial sits in a small memorial garden. "ERECTED BY THE STARGATE WELCOME HOME ASSOCIATION TO THE MEMORY OF THE FOLLOWING MEN WHOSE NAMES ARE RECORDED BELOW, WHO DIED FOR THEIR COUNTRY AND SEALED THEIR LOVE BY DEATH IN THE GREAT WAR AUGUST 1914 - NOVEMBER 1918. MAY THEIR REWARD BE AS GREAT AS THEIR SACRIFICE 1939 - 1945". 11 names are listed for WW1, 22 for WW2. DESCRIPTION / STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE The memorial is of the round columnar type surmounted by a carved urn. The column is of granite with a projecting base and cornice, and stands on a substantial freestone plinth. It is surrounded by a circular gravelled area with low, loop-topped railings and a circle of paving to the periphery. The memorial is singular in both its design and the use of a combination of materials. It is possible that the base has been reused from an older monument elsewhere. MATERIALS Freestone, granite LOCAL LIST




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