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Tyne and Wear HER(110): Sunderland, Hasting Hill, cursus - Details

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Sunderland, Hasting Hill, cursus



Religious Ritual and Funerary



Neolithic/Bronze Age


A rectangular structure, marked by ditches, has been tentatively identified as a cursus, or ceremonial pathway. Its square north end is c. 30 m wide, and close to the south-east side of the Hasting Hill interrupted ditch enclosure. It is aligned roughly north-south, and its parallel sides are visible for a length of some 200 m. In 1980, a little to the south of the interrupted ditch enclosure, the cursus ditch was located and excavated and found to be about 1 m wide and 40 cm deep, with a V-shape of asymmetrical profile and some sizeable stones in the bottom. This is one of a group of features regarded as unique in north-east, but probably being steadily destroyed by ploughing. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT.




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