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Tyne and Wear HER(11108): Ouse Burn - Details

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Ouse Burn



Water Supply and Drainage



Natural Feature

The Ouse Burn runs for nine miles from its source at Callerton Pond, eastwards past Kingston Park before turning south. "Owse-Burn… is at present a large Village, occasioned by the Coal-works of Richard Ridley and Matthew White, Esq; etc… it takes its Name from the Burn that runs through it. The Banks of this Burn are in many Places terribly high, in all Places beautifully Romantick" (Bourne, 1736, p 153). Description by Robert Gilchrist 1825 and MacKenzie 1827, who calls it a pleasant retreat. This is the only stream that flows into the Tyne at Newcastle that still runs in the open air. The stream was a means of transport for the industries of the lower valley and provided water power via millraces to mills. Part of the Ouse Burn was culverted and the dene infilled in the area of the City Stadium in the twentieth century.




Map of courses of old burns and streams in Newcastle, undated but post 1928 as Tyne Bridge is shown, School of Architecture Library; Ouseburn Heritage Magazine, Newcastle City Council Planning Department/Community Heritage Project; S.J. Kirkby, Newcastle's Hidden Rivers in M. Barke and R.J. Buswell (ed), 1980, Historical Atlas of Newcastle upon Tyne, pp 6-7

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