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Tyne and Wear HER(11149): North Shields, Albion Road, Monument to Thomas Haswell - Details

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N Tyneside

North Shields, Albion Road, Monument to Thomas Haswell

North Shields


Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces

Garden Ornament





1989. Designer not known. A grey painted stone obelisk 2.7m high and 74cm square. Four spheres separate the obelisk from the panelled pedestal. Metal plaque on west face reads: "TO COMMEMORATE/ THOMAS HASWELL (1807-1889)/ HEADMASTER OF ROYAL JUBILEE SCHOOL/ BETWEEN 1839 AND 1886" and "THE MAISTER'S GUIDANCE/ THE SCHOOL BECAME RENOWNED/ FOR ITS INNOVATION, LEARNING AND CARE FOR ITS PUPILS/ LEARNING GREW BENEATH HIS CARE, A THRIVING, VIGOROUS PLANT". Commissioned by North Tyneside Council. Thomas Haswell was the son of a North Shields ferryman. He was educated at the Royal Jubilee School. After teaching in South Tyneside he became headmaster at the Royal Jubilee School in 1839. He worked hard to improve the poor state of the school buildings and the poverty of his pupils. He had a love of music. After his death a portrait painting of Haswell was unveiled at the Public Library in 1890 and a red Penrith stone tablet was unveiled by the mayor. The obelisk stands on the site of the school, which closed in 1935 and was demolished in 1971.




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