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Tyne and Wear HER(11173): Monkwearmouth, Riverside Walkway, 'Shadows in Another Light' - Details

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Monkwearmouth, Riverside Walkway, 'Shadows in Another Light'



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1998 by Colin Wilbourn, Karl Fisher and Craig Knowles. Writer - Chaz Brenchley. A composite work of various pieces in steel, concrete, wood, stone and sand blasted paving. It is set on the north bank of the River Wear between Wearmouth Bridge and St. Peter's campus and extends around 200m along the walkway. The work comprises of an octagonal concrete drum pedestal, 5m high, with a forged steel tree on top. 16 moulded fire clay roundels with images of a windmill, lighthouse, cormorant, buoy, ship, Penshaw Monument, Lambton Worm, Noah's Ark etc and an inscription, decorate the drum. About 3m away is a working telescope which is aimed at a convex mirror on top of the drum, through which you can see the shape of a crane which has been sand blasted onto the paving. There are also sculptures of nuts and bolts extending up to 200m away from the telescope. Incised in the paving are the words: "LIGHT BREAKS THE SHADOW BUT CAREFUL FEET CAN FIND A PATH TO FOLLOW". Incised on a stool next to the telescope are the words: "LOOK UP AND SEE BEHIND YOU A SHADOW CAN RAISE A MEMORY THAT NOTHING CAN ERASE". The work took seven years to complete. Commissioned by the Tyne and Wear Development Corporation with National Lottery funding.




Paul Usherwood, Jeremy Beach and Catherine Morris, 2000, Public Sculpture of North East England, p 191-3; The Journal 7 August 1998

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