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Lemington, Sugley Dene



Agriculture and Subsistence

Managed Woodland


Post Medieval

Natural Feature

Only 1.2% of Great Britain is ancient semi-natural broadleaved woodland. An Inventory of Ancient Woodland (sites over 2 hectares in size which have been in existence and have had a continuous history of tree cover since at least 1600 AD) was begun in 1981, compiled by English Nature. The aim is to ensure the continuance of the woods, the preservation of their wildlife and landscape value and appropriate management. Ancient woods are a living record of the biological effects of practices such as coppicing and wood pasture management. The natural vegetation of ancient woods, the undisturbed soil and drainage patterns and their contribution to the landscape comprise an irreplaceable conservation asset which once destroyed can never be recreated {Cooke and The Nature Conservancy Council, 1987}.




Robert Cooke, 1987, Tyne and Wear Inventory of Ancient Woodland (Provisional), The Nature Conservancy Council; Kirby, K.J. et al, (1984), Inventories of ancient semi-natural woodland,

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