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Tyne and Wear HER(1124): Benton, Benton Quarry (Benton Quarry Park) - Details

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N Tyneside

Benton, Benton Quarry (Benton Quarry Park)




Stone Extraction Site


Early Modern


Destroyed Monument

Benton Quarry, possibly associated with nearby engine house, (HER 1120). 1st edn OS Mapping of 1858 shows wagonways and two cranes within the quarry. 2nd edn OS mapping of 1897 shows expansion of the quarry and wagonways. Disused by 1916. Now Benton Quarry Park, with an enclosed area of trees and long grass expanding into an open field with wide views. This is one of North Tyneside's Local Neighbourhood Community Parks, a landscaped environment with some nature conservation interest, children's play area, games courts, sitting out areas and gardens. The park has smart green boundary railings. The south boundary facing Whitley Road is an old stone wall. The central area of the park has a gravel path circling areas of grass which have been left to grow wild and are surrounded by dense tree cover. The northeast part of the park opens out into a sweeping large open field.




<< HER 1124 >> 1st edition Ordnance Survey map, 1865, 6 inch scale, Northumberland 89

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