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N Tyneside

Dudley, Market Street, Dudley Hospital



Health and Welfare




Demolished Building

Opened on 15th September 1923 by Dr J. Wishart of Newcastle. The hospital had a two bed ward, a one bed ward and nurses quarters. It was brick built with stone lintels and sills, sash windows and a slate roof. The hospital was paid for by pennies taken from miner's wages. The hospital later became a doctor's surgery, the two bed ward becoming the waiting room, and the one bed ward becoming the reception and consulting room. There was a plaque on the right hand side of the building to a Nurse Clark: "THIS TABLET WAS ERECTED BY HER MANY FRIENDS IN LOVING MEMORY OF ISABELLA CLARK DISTRICT NURSE OF DUDLEY AND ANNITSFORD 1914-1935. DIED 29TH NOVEMBER 1935. GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN THAN THIS THAT HE LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIENDS". The hospital was demolished around 1986 to make way for a new doctor's surgery. The marble war memorial (HER 9474) which stood in front of the hospital was slightly moved.




North East War Memorials Project ( D34.04; "The recollections of Miss D. Summers, Green Crescent, Dudley" and an ANLHS photograph (held by Northumberland Museum and Archives, Woodhorn, Ashington; Morpeth Herald 4th May 1923, 14th September 1923

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