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Tyne and Wear HER(11278): Longbenton, Front Street/Manorfields, milepost - Details

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N Tyneside

Longbenton, Front Street/Manorfields, milepost





Early Modern



Milepost of late C19/early C20 date, constructed of cast iron painted white with black lettering. The plaque is shield-shaped and bears the legend NEWCASTLE 4 NORTH SHIELDS 6 with a pair of opposing directional arrows. This is set on a circular shaft with the fixings for a lower rectangular and the makers plate below. Overall the milepost is c. 0.7m high. HISTORY: the milepost was erected on an old route to Blyth and was cast by Smith Paterson Ltd. of Blaydon. REASONS FOR DESIGNATION DECISION:this late C19/early C20 milepost is recommended for designation for the following principal reasons: * It is a well preserved and intact example * It is an attractive piece of street furniture which has some design interest in its shield shape and opposing directional arrows. * It remains in its original position on an old route to Blyth LISTED GRADE 2




Department of Culture Media and Sport, 2008, List of Buildings of Special Historic or Architectural Interest, 504519; Milestone Society National ID number NB_NCNS04; Milestone Society Survey 1 October 2000, Surveyor Iain A Davison

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