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Tyne and Wear HER(11282): Newcastle, Hanover Square, Children's Hospital - Details

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Newcastle, Hanover Square, Children's Hospital



Health and Welfare

Specialist Hospital

Childrens Hospital

Early Modern


Demolished Building

Newcastle's first children's hospital, opened in 1863. Proved to be inadequate. Closed after John Fleming built a new children's hospital in Jesmond (HER 9055). A house is shown on the site Oliver's 1830 map, which may have been owned or occupied by John Steavenson, lessee of the Trustees of the Baptist Chapel, Tuthill Stairs (HER 6685). The OS 1896 10 feet = 1 mile map shows the hospital as a long narrow building running from the edge of the pavement back to a property boundary coming north from the Close. A warehouse was built on the site in 1903.




Newcastle Local Studies Library, Jesmond Folder, Fleming Hospital, page 193; Barbara Harbottle, 1980, 'Robinson's Warehouse, Clavering Place', note in the HER

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