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Tyne and Wear HER(113): Sunderland, Hasting Hill Barrow - Details

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Sunderland, Hasting Hill Barrow



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Funerary site

Round Barrow


Bronze Age


A small round barrow, on the highest point of Hasting Hill, at its west end. Before excavation in 1911 it was low, flat and slightly bowl-shaped, 40 feet in diameter and about 3 feet high. It appears to have been of cairn construction, consisting of earth and stones, with no surrounding bank and ditch. Trechmann, the excavator, found in the make-up of the mound human bones of at least 10 individuals, animal bones, flint chippings and pottery, including part of the base of a small vessel of red clay. The base, 35 mm in diameter, was decorated with a cross formed of two lines of impressed dots. Various authorities have called it a 'food vessel', an 'incense cup' and a 'pygmy vessel'. There is no longer any sign of the barrow at the site, which is presently an unimproved meadow notable for its wild flowers. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT




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