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Tyne and Wear HER(1133): Wallsend, Bigges Main Colliery - Details

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N Tyneside

Wallsend, Bigges Main Colliery




Coal Mining Site


Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

Bigges Main Colliery, served by Bigges Main Wagonway (SMR 1128). Not shown on 2nd edn OS mapping, 1894/5 survey. Opened in 1784 by Messrs Bells & Brown. Abandoned in 1809 when the High Main seam was exhausted. Re-opened 1836 to work Low Main seam. Closed shortly after flooding in 1857. Around 1782 three pits were sunk around the site and the village of Bigges Main developed taking its name from that of the pit. "A" Pit was situated at NZ 288 670, "B" Pit at NZ 286 668 and "C" Pit further north at NZ 285 677 (SMR 1127). Due to flooding the Bigges Main pits ceased working in 1857.




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