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Heaton, Heaton Junction




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Early Modern



Junction of the North Eastern Railway (HER 1063) and the Tynemouth Branch (HER 1186). In December 1872 it was reported that "additional facilities are required to handle increased goods and other traffic, necessitating an engine shed and cottages at Heaton, at an estimated cost of £23,000". The shed was authorised in 1874 at a cost of £9,270 18s 6d. The first engine shed was opened on 31st August 1875. In 1889 extensions costing £20,300 were authorised, including a shed for varnishing engines and coaches. Later in the year plans were submitted for carriage stores, washing sheds, engine and carriage painting shop and extension to the engine shed. A further £5,800 was spent on a 50 feet turntable and sidings. In 1894 plans were prepared for a shed to hold 132 and 154 engines - this would have been the largest shed on the North Eastern Railway. The carriage sheds were later used for Tyneside electric stock and were destroyed by fire on August 11th 1918. All the steam locomotives at Heaton were moved to other sheds in June 1963 but the shed continued to be used for repairs and storage of locomotives. The two electric locomotives had moved to South Gosforth car sheds by September 1964.




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