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Benwell, Condercum Road, Grand Palace Cinema







Demolished Building

Opened 7 August 1911. Designed by Messrs. Gibson and Stienet. The interior décor was crimson, white and cream. The ceilings, walls and proscenium had plaster work in 'Louis Quinze' style with fruit and flowers by Andersons of South Shields. The stage scenery was by Albion Studios. The lessees were Messrs. Jack Grantham and Eddie Cant. Along one side of the building there was a long verandah canopy to shelter queuing customers. The Grand seated 448 people in the stalls and 192 in the circle. In September 1932 the Grand became a theatre for a few weeks, then was taken over by the Stanley Rogers Cinemas circuit in April 1933. Actress Beryl Reid recalled that in 1937 there was wire netting over the top of the orchestra pit because the audience threw objects at the artists. During the war the Grand declined. It closed on 29 September 1956. The cinema became a warehouse for Ferodo. The site is now a supermarket car park.




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