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N Tyneside

Whitley Bay, Park Avenue, Whitley Park

Whitley Bay


Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces


Public Park




Once the grounds of a grand house called 'Whitley Park' which was built in 1789. T.W. Bulman bought the house in 1869 and re-routed the road away from the house and enclosed the estate with trees, many of which survive. In 1897 the estate was taken over by the Whitley Park Hotel Company. The house became a hotel and there were some efforts to turn the grounds into a recreational space. In 1904 part of the estate was being used as a playing field by the Rockcliff Rugby Football Club and Charles Elderton of Hebburn held a concert party there on a temporary stage with wood and canvas screens painted to look like an old Spanish town (hence the name Spanish City). In 1922 the hotel was sold to the Council who used it as offices. It was demolished in 1939 and the grounds became a public park and library. LOCAL LIST




North Tyneside Council, November 2008, Register of Buildings and Parks of Special Local Architectural and Historic Interest SDP (Local Development Document 9)

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