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N Tyneside

Monkseaton, Brewery




Brewing and Malting Site


Early Modern


Demolished Building

The first mention of a brewery with malting and adjoining dwelling house at this site was in a Newcastle Courant sale advertisemen in 1803. In 1804, the house and outbuildings were surrendered to Samuel Hurry of North Shields to whom the new Whitley brewery had been surrendered in 1794. In 1814 William Clark, Ann Snowdon and Thomas Hutchinson were listed as common brewers at Monkseaton Brewery, holding the lease for one year. On 28th November 1826 it was advertised for sale in the Newcastle Courant, described as a lucrative business. In 1920 the Trustees of Monkseaton Brewery conveyed the premises to the Northumberland Brewery Co, Gateshead. By 1934 the brewery was no longer in business, and in 1938 the brewery and Monkseaton Arms were demolished. The harness room became a pet store, and later Lloyds bank, and a new Monkseaton Arms was built on the old site.




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