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Tyne and Wear HER(11518): Newcastle, Castle Garth, Civil War Bastion, bandoleer - Details

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Newcastle, Castle Garth, Civil War Bastion, bandoleer




Weapon and Ammunition Container

Ammunition Pouch

Post Medieval



During archaeological excavations at a C17 bastion at the Castle Keep three charge holders from a bandoleer (shoulder-belt with loops or pockets for cartridges) were found in the fill of the bastion ditch. A musketeer carried a belt with usually 12 charge holders or cartridges suspended from it. It was made of leather and wood with pewter caps. Lead musket balls and a pistol bullet were also recovered. A more complete example of a cap, with two side loops for strings attaching it to the body of the cartridge was found elsewhere at the castle (Nolan 1990, fig. 14, no. 46).




Notes taken during lecture by John Nolan 4th October 2008 "The Civil Wars on Tyneside as revealed by archaeology" at the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne Symposium 2008, The British Civil Wars in the North East; D.H. Heslop, L. Truman & J.E. Vaughan, 1994, Excavations on Westgate Road, Newcastle, 1991, Archaeologia Aeliana, Series 5, Volume XXII, pp153-184; J. Nolan, 1990, The Castle of Newcastle upon Tyne after c.1600, Archaeologia Aeliana, Series 5, XVIII

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