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Tyne and Wear HER(11538): Lemington, John Snowdon's House (Pigg's Hall, Union Hall) - Details

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Lemington, John Snowdon's House (Pigg's Hall, Union Hall)






Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

'John Snowdons house and close' is shown on a plan of 1620. He was likely to have been a farmer as his property is located next to the arable fields (HER 11499). By 1767 John Snowdon's house had been renamed or replaced by Pigg's Hall. The lane from the west (now Hospital Lane) was thereafter known as Hogg's or Pigg's Lonnen. By 1765 the demesne land in Newburn Hall had been divided and allocated to new tenants {Knowles 1915, 199} like John Snowdon. On the tithe map of 1848 Pigg's Hall has been renamed or replaced by Union Hall.




A plan of the manor of Newburn, 1620, Alnwick Castle Archives Class O, Div. xvii, No. 1; I. Thompson, 1767, A plan of the Lordship of Newburn belonging to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, Northumberland Museum and Archives (Woodhorn) Sant/Beq/9/1/1/24 and 25; W.H. Knowles, 1915, Newburn Hall and Manor House, Northumberland in Archaeologia Aeliana, Series 3, Vol. XII, p 199; Jennifer Morrison, 2007, Newburn manor - an analysis of a changing medieval, post-medieval and early modern landscape in Newcastle upon Tyne, Vol 1, pp 45-45 (unpublished MA thesis, Durham University); Newburn Hall Tithe Map, 1848, Northumberland Museum and Archives (Woodhorn) NRO DT 342 M

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