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Tyne and Wear HER(11564): Walbottle, Newburne, Walbotle and Butterlaw Comon - Details

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Walbottle, Newburne, Walbotle and Butterlaw Comon



Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site

Common Land


Documentary Evidence

'Newburne, Walbottle and Butterlaw Comon' which lay north of Walbottle village is shown on a plan of 1620. It is annotated 'Here did the coales burne in the Earth many years together'. The common was enclosed by 1767 and divided into fields.




A plan of the manor of Newburn, 1620, Alnwick Castle Archives Class O, Div. xvii, No. 1; Syon House archives, Rental of 1622 and 1625, Class A, Div ii, No. 11a quoted in MH Dodds, 1930, A History of Northumberland, Vol XIII, p 148 and ME James, 1955, Estate accounts of the Earls of Northumberland 1562-1637, Surtees Society, vol CLXIII; Alnwick Castle Archives, William Cuthbertson, 1710, Plan of Dewley, Butterlaw and Whorleton Moor; Thompson, 1767, A plan of the Lordship of Newburn, NRO Sant/Beq/9/1/24; The Archaeological Practice, 1996, Crescent Farm opencast site, desk based assessment, pp 12 and 14

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