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Tyne and Wear HER(11590): Whorlton, East Whorlton House - Details

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Whorlton, East Whorlton House






Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

East Whorlton House is shown on a plan of 1620. The land to the north is pasture and is held by Mark Errington. East Whorlton is listed in a rental of 1685 (Alnwick Castle B/i/3). A rental of 1714 describes Whorlton Moor Cottages (Alnwick Castle B/vii/2b) and another for 1756 includes East Whorlton (Alnwick Castle B/vii/5). Between 1760 and 1770 we know that a constable was appointed for East and West Whorlton (Syon House K/i/5). On a plan of 1710 the house is shown as Mr Auston's House and the pasture land as Mr Auston's Farm. Shown on a plan of 1767 as Whorlton Moor House. Shown as Low Whorlton on the tithe map of 1847. Low Whorlton was tenanted by Riddell Robson in 1847. Robson also held West (HER 1579) and East Whorlton (HER 11596) Farms. Low Whorlton disppeared by 1898 but Robson's other two farms flourished and were rebuilt as Whorlton Grange (HER 1933).




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