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Tyne and Wear HER(11688): South Shields, aircraft obstructions - Details

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S Tyneside

South Shields, aircraft obstructions

South Shields



Anti Aircraft Defence Site

Aircraft Obstruction



Destroyed Monument

An extensive area of aircraft obstructions from WW2 seen as earthworks and cropmarks on war-time air photographs. Lying to the west of South Shields, the obstructions were laid out in a grid pattern and appear as linear ditches with small spoil heaps to either side. Bounded by Temple Park Road and King George Road on the east, Harton Lane on the north, Nevison Avenue on the south, they extend over an area 1430m x 600m. Most of the remains have been levelled and to the east of South Shields General Hospital, they have been built over.




English Heritage Hadrian's Wall WHS Mapping Project, 2008, 1403224; Aerial Photograph RAF 3G/TUD/UK/8 5133 20-DEC-1945, RAF 3G/TUD/UK/147 5198 15-APR-1946

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