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Tyne and Wear HER(11844): Hebburn, Hebburn Fever Hospital and Smallpox Hospital - Details

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S Tyneside

Hebburn, Hebburn Fever Hospital and Smallpox Hospital



Health and Welfare

Specialist Hospital

Infectious Diseases Hospital

Early Modern


Extant Building

Constructed by 1897 as a temporary hut with accomodation for 4 patients. In 1899 a new permanent building was built. A TB sanatorium building was added in 1901. Hebburn Fever Hospital expanded by 1916 and a dedicated smallpox hospital had been added to the south. The 1941 OS map shows that the smallpox hospital had been demolished and a mortuary within the fever hospital grounds. From April 1950 the hospital ceased to treat all infectious diseases and functioned solely as a TB sanatorium for women. In March 1956 the Hebburn Hospital closed. It reopened in October 1956 for the care of the long-term sick. It has later been an elderly care unit. The hospital closed in December 1996. The building is now known as Alexandra Lodge and is a Public Health Development Centre.




Simpson & Brown and South Tyneside Council, 2007, Hebburn Hall Conservation Area - First draft Character Appraisal;;;

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