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S Tyneside

Jarrow, St. Paul's Conservation Area







Documentary Evidence

This Conservation Area stretches from the River Tyne to the A185. To the south-west are railway lines, to the east is the Jarrow Slake car terminal and the River Don. The village of Jarrow (HER 1234 and 1235) and the Anglo-Saxon Monastery (HER 994) are protected as Scheduled Ancient Monuments (SAM 46 and 16). The Church of St. Paul (HER 1229) and the upstanding elements of the monastery are listed grade 1. Jarrow Hall (HER 8070) and Jarrow Bridge (HER 2269) are listed grade 2. The churchyard is bounded by stone walls. Jarrow Slake (former mud flats) and the River Don are Sites of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI). Wearmouth and Jarrow monasteries have been selected as the UK's 2009 nomination for World Heritage status. Most of the gravestones have been removed or laid down, with the exception of the Drewhett tombs. The CA largely comprises open grassland and vegetation. There are houses on Quay Corner Avenue and a small brick electricity substation. Quay Corner Avenue is a private road with metal gates at the northern end. There is a timber boarded stable, low stone walls, well kept gardens. The houses include a late 19th century pair of cottages and a post 1938 house. There is a pumping station in the south-west corner of the CA. The Don Valley sewage pumping station of the 1960s is constructed in brick, concrete and steel with a polygonal roof showing clear design intent. There is a network of cycle and pedestrian pathways. Bede's World Museum is a modern brick building which complements the historic Jarrow Hall. The walls, terraces and paving of Drewhett's Park are brick. The cycle paths are tarmac and concrete. There is an attractive mosaic built into the path near the River Don. High voltage power lines cross the CA. The pylons are visually intrusive. There is a concrete overpass for the road and railway line, a pedestrian bridge over the river and concrete culverts. Signage is in timber and is poor quality.




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