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N Tyneside

Longbenton Conservation Area







Documentary Evidence

Designated in November 1985. The boundary is based on the medieval village (HER 786) and the development around it. The village core was based on a series of burgage plots stretching away from Front Street. By the nineteenth century Benton House took up much of the south side of the street. The medieval layout is still evident at Teal Close (Manor Farm). In the early 20th century Cheviot View was built, Coach Lane council flats in the mid twentieth century. A row of cottages next to the Black Bull public house were demolished in the 1950s leaving a large open space now used as a carpark. Land south of Benton House is a garden with a large lawn, flowers and shrubs and a grade 2 listed ha-ha (HER 7271). South of the garden is an area of public open space with mature trees and a winding red gravel path. Longbenton CA includes a number of grand buildings - Benton House (HER 7270), the former vicarage (HER 7267), North House (HER 7268) and the former Manor Farm (Teal Close). The church of St. Aidan has true landmark qualities. An example of Victorian/Edwardian development is The Terrace. North View House (HER 9409) is one storey, flats at Aidan Court are three storeys. The earlier buildings such as Benton House, the vicarage and North House are built of natural local yellow sandstone. Sandstone is also used on bay windows, porches, door surrounds and quoins on brick houses. The Ship Inn is built of smooth red late Victorian and Edwardian brick, like the metro station. Simmz Deli (HER 7269) is an early C20 shopfront inserted into the west wing of Benton House. Longbenton village used to have several shops such as grocers, butchers, a sweet shop and a smithy (HER 1095). These outlets ceased to be aonce the mid 1900s shopping centre opened at Four Lane Ends. Ethel Williams Hall, The Cottage and several small buildings were demolished in the late 1990s for 62 dwellings at Williams Park.




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