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N Tyneside

North Shields, New Quay Conservation Area

North Shields






Documentary Evidence

Designated by the Tyne and Wear Development Corporation in 1990. Built in 1806 by the Duke of Northumberland, the New Quay was North Shields' first deep water quay. It provided an open area for markets and fairs. The New Quay is a magnificent space framed by a set of impressive sandstone buildings. The Northumberland Arms Hotel (HER 7296) later gained notoriety as 'The Jungle'. This was extended sympathetically to the west in the late 1980s with Collingwood Mansions. The Sailor's Home (HER 7277) was added in 1851. The houses to the south and Ferry Mews are 19th century and sandstone. To the west is the 1871 Brewery Bond (HER 2130) saved in 2001 by its conversion. Only the faƧade of the Chain Locker Public House (HER 7898) has been preserved. The Golden Fleece or Porthole Public House (HER 9276) was rebuilt in 1897. The halfpenny dodger and penny ferries ran from the New Quay to South Shields. The New Cut (now Borough Road) was built in the 1840s as a route from the railway and the ferry. The New Quay was also occupied by the Customs House, shipping office, chandlers, grocers, fruiterers and butchers catering for the private trade and shipping. There are some original setts in the drive of the Sailor's House. On Borough Road there are massive retaining walls. There is an iron bridge connecting Ropery Banks to the cycle route. Hatfield House is a modern building that retains the general shape and bulk of George Otto and Co's building (HER 7856) which it replaced. Since the shipyards closed, the New Quay market place has been used as a car park. The road is merely a through route for pedestrians and cyclists to and from the ferry landing.




FISHcast, sub-group of FISH (Folk Interested in Shields Harbour), 2007, North Shields - The New Quay and The Fish Quay Conservation Areas - FISHcast Community Character Statement

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