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Tyne and Wear HER(11873): Wallsend, St. Peter's Conservation Area - Details

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N Tyneside

Wallsend, St. Peter's Conservation Area







Documentary Evidence

Designated in 1995. The Conservation Area lies to the east of Wallsend town centre and immediately south of Church Bank. It occupies a prominent site at the top of a steep slope overlooking Wallsend Burn close to the point where it flows under Willington Bridge and Willington Viaduct on its way to the River Tyne. The CA includes St. Peter's Church (HER 7357) of 1809, the rectory of 1852 (HER 11299) and the cemtery (HER 11356). The CA was designated too late to save the Church School and Middle School and to prevent the construction of St. Peter's Court residential home in their place. The churchyard includes listed stocks (HER 7358), a milepost (HER 7359), sandstone boundary walls and gate piers. The south and east boundaries are delineated by a few late 19th century terraces of modest houses.




North Tyneside Council, Environment, Regeneration & Housing Directorate, 2005, St. Peters, Wallsend Conservation Area Character Statement; North Tyneside Council, 2010, St. Peter's Wallsend Conservation Area Character Appraisal

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