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Lamesley Conservation Area







Documentary Evidence

Designated on 25th October 2002. The Conservation Area focuses on the hamlet of Lamesley (HER 664), which is of medieval origin. The village was founded on agriculture but was also influenced by the Liddell family of Ravensworth Castle.The parish church of 1758 (HER 8185) was funded by Lord Ravensworth. Most of the buildings in the CA are 19th century in date and little has changed since 1858. Lamesley lies on the flood plain of the River Team and the CA includes a section of the flat wide valley floor which is devoted to pasture. The only tree cover is in the churchyard. North of the church is Temple Meads (HER 8184) an early 18th century house. North again, across Smithy Lane is the church hall, built as a National School (HER 7536) in the 19th century. To the north is the vicarage of red brick. Immediately adjoining is a terrace of three sandstone cottages. There are two farms. North Farm (HER 5081) is of a similar style to the cottages with gable finials and ridge tiles. The farmhouse is of random rubble with quoins and has had the render removed. uPVC windows have been installed. The outbuildings are in poor condition. South Farm is built of irregular coursed sandstone but has modern windows. The older outbuildings are of stone with slate roofs/ This part of Lamesley is spoiled by ugly wooden poles carrying wiring and street lighting and by heavy traffic. The River is crossed by a bridge (HER 3768) which has been widened on its northern side. To the west of it lie the Old Vicarage and Kenmar House (HER 8354). Opposite is Meadowgate a 1930s bungalow in brick render. West of the river is the Ravensworth Arms Hotel (HER 7491). North of the hotel lie Orpington House and Blacksmith's Cottage both of snecked sandstone with slate roofs. Opposite is Woodhurst, a 1930s bungalow. South of the hotel car park are The Bungalows, stone and slate, but altered and extended.




Gateshead Council, April 1999, Conservation Area Policy Guidelines, Strategies and Character Statements, Proposed Lamesley Conservation Area, pp 82-85 (Supplementary Planning Guidance), pp 88-90; Gateshead Council, July 2003, Lamesley Conservation Area Policy Guidelines, Strategy and Character Statement (Appendix to Supplementary Planning Guidance 1), pp 29-34

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