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Gateshead, Saltwell Conservation Area







Documentary Evidence

Designated on 6th July 1990. The Saltwell Conservation Area covers an area developed in the C19 as a leafy suburb for the upper middle classes. It still retains an impressive Arcadian feel. Saltwell Park is the major focal point. Trees are a major contributor to the area's character. During the mid C19 prosperous merchants and industrialists were attracted to this area by its clean air and rural surroundings. In the 1860s and 70s large grand villas with large gardens were built. Most were sandstone in refined Italianate style. Later a number of polychromatic brick houses were built. Saltwell Park (HER 5004) developed around the estate of stained glass manufacturer William Wailes. The park was laid out by Edward Kemp incorporating Saltwell Towers (HER 8261) and its landscaped gardens. In 1920 the park was extended with the addition of the Saltwell Grove Estate (HER 7469). In the C20 fields and allotments and the grounds of large houses were infilled with suburban houses. The Conservation Area includes the Crematorium built on the site of South Dene Tower, Wailes previous house. The main entrance has an adverse effect on the CA. To the north and north-west of Saltwell Park are substantial Victorian terraces and large Edwardian houses. There are villas in sizeable gardens on Enfield Road. The best are Whinney House (HER 8259), Heathfield House (HER 8284), Ashfield House (HER 7467) and Forres Villa (Musgrave School, HER 8322). C20 developments rarely provide a positive contribution. The exception is the brick built Joicey Road Open Air School (HER 7524). Gateshead College is rather sprawling. Heathfield School was built on the site of a spectacular garden. On Belle Vue Bank is St. Helen's Church (HER 8250) and its almhouses (St. Helen's Terrace) and around it a High Victorian residential development. St. Helen's Crescent and Alderley Road have 1930s dwellings. Carlton Terrace is a grand street. Large detached and semi-detached houses survive on Alum Well Dene, Saltwell Road South and Derwent Crook Drive.




Gateshead Council, 1999, Conservation Area Policy Guidelines, Stragies and Character Statements, Saltwell Conservation Area, pp 64-68

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