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Tyne and Wear HER(1191): Newcastle to North Shields Turnpike - Details

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Newcastle and N Tyneside

Newcastle to North Shields Turnpike





Toll Road

Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

A Toll Road from Newcastle to North Shields and Tynemouth. The end point in Tynemouth is unclear but appears to lie close to Tynemouth Turnpike Toll House (HER ref. 2047) which lay on this road as did the Percy Main Turnpike (HER ref. 2011), near the junction with another road into North Shields (HER ref. 2012) and Hawkey's Lane turnpike (HER ref. 2008). Shields Road in Byker was one section of the Newcastle to North Shields Turnpike. Although no date for its opening is available, it seems likely to have been quite early. It was a very important route until superseded by the Newcastle to Shields Railway in 1839. One Toll House was situated at the bottom of Byker Bank and another possibly on Shields Road.




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