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Newcastle, Wall Knoll, well



Water Supply and Drainage

Water Storage Site




A well was found in 1881 on high ground 25 yards south of Wall Knoll Tower (HER 1562). It was rectangular and 4 feet 10 inches x 6 feet 8 inches in plan, covered by a brick vault and with stone lining. Part of it was covered by a circular stone like a millstone (5 feet in diameter and 9 inches thick) with a square hole in the centre. An entrance had been left in the arched roof of the well and in it were lengths of cast iron piping with flanged joints. The oak timber stays were black with age. A culvert 'of curious construction' led towards the well. It was formed with flat stone slabs on the base with a semi-circular arch 18 inches in diameter above it. The stones were dressed on the inside and outside and Holmes considered them to be reused.




S. Holmes, 1896, The Walls of Newcastle-upon Tyne, Archaeologia Aeliana, 2, XVIII, pp. 1-25

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