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Sunderland, Tatham Street, Marshall Memorial Hall




Commemorative Monument



Extant Building

Next to Bethesda Free Church (HER 4716). The foundation stone for this lecture hall was laid on 6th September 1928. The hall opened on 13th February 1929. It is a brick building with stone dressings and a stone panel 'MARSHALL MEMORIAL HALL' at the top of the faƧade. The interior included a screened porchway with marble mosaic floor, a speaker's platform with curved walls and ceiling to improve acoustics, an oak block floor and electric heaters rather than water pipes. It was built by Messrs Robert Hudson and Sons. The architect was John Hall. Inside the hall there is a bronze plaque in a wooden frame which reads: "TO THE GLORY OF GOD AND IN LOVING MEMORY OF THEIR SON LIEUT. HERBERT MYERS MARSHALL WHO AT THE AGE OF 23 YEARS LOST HIS LIFE IN THE GREAT WAR. THIS HALL AND ADJOINING HOUSE WERE GIVEN BY SEPTIMUS AND MARGARET MARSHALL". The foundation stone is at the right hand side of the door in Back Tatham Street: "THIS STONE LAID BY MRS MARGARET MARSHALL 6 SEPT 1928". Herbert Myers Marshall was a dental surgeon for the Royal Navy on HM Hospital Ship 'China'. The ship was destroyed by a mine on 10th August 1918. His parents were members of the Bethesda Free Church. The adjoining house was later demolished for a church extension {}.




North East War Memorials Project S140.111

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