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Lintzford Conservation Area







Documentary Evidence

Designated on 4th June 1976. The Conservation Area straddles the River Derwent where it forms the boundary between Gateshead and Derwentside. It is focused on an old crossing of the river and the remains of an associated settlement. The river meanders through a flood plain bordered by a heavily wooded steep sided valley. The name Lintzford is supposed to derive from 'Hlinc' meaning rising ground or bank. The first recorded development was a corn mill built on the south side of the river in the fourteenth century. In 1703 the mill was converted to produce paper. In 1922 an ink works (now Turbine House) was established on the site. In 1987 the paper mill (HER 1808) was converted to residential use. Lintzford Bridge (HER 1944) is late C18 in date. Pont Haugh Bridge (HER 1943) was built in 1834 but a new concrete bridge was added to take the traffic in 1967. The flat land is in agricultural use, a mixture of arable and pasture. In the north-east of the CA east of Lintz Green Lane there is hilly pasture. There are stone outcrops on incised bends in the river and behind the electricity substation. Lintzford House was the home of the mill owner, now divided into two houses. Between Turbine House and Linztford House is a new dwelling, River House, built in the early 1990s in Georgian style. Opposite the mill are the foundations of workmen's cottages. A mill race of 1840 lies on the southern side of the courtyard, screened by a high wall. Steps and a sluice are built of large sandstone blocks. Bridge House is C18 in date, Mill House was built in 1989. East of the mill complex is Lintzford Farm. On Lintz Green Lane is a long inter-war bungalow called The Ranch.




Gateshead Council, 1999, Conservation Area Policy Guidelines, Strategies and Character Statements, Lintzford Conservation Area, pp 15-17

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