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Tyne and Wear HER(1210): Jarrow, Anglo-Saxon inscribed panel - Details

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S Tyneside

Jarrow, Anglo-Saxon inscribed panel




Commemorative Stone

Dedication Stone

Early Medieval



Architectural panel, 52.1 cm high x 64.8 cm wide, in 2 pieces, set in the west-facing internal wall above the chancel arch. In medium-grained yellow sandstone; in good condition. Bears a Latin inscription in Anglo-Saxon capitals on 2 stones, 3 lines on each, unenclosed by mouldings. DEDICATIOBASILICAE SCIPAULI VIIII KLMAI ANNOXV((E))CFRIDIR((EG)) CE((OL))FRIDIABBEIVSDEM((Q)) Q:EC((C))LESDOAVCTORE CO((ND))ITORISANNOIIII "The dedication of the basilica of St. Paul on the 9th day before the Kalends of May in the 15th year of King Ecfrid; and in the 4th (sc. 'year') of abbot Ceolfrid, founder, by the guidance of God, of the same church". The oldest surviving church dedication in England, probably contemporary with the actual dedication of St. Paul's in 685. First mentioned in 1607




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