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Tyne and Wear HER(1221): Jarrow, Anglo-Saxon architectural fragment - Details

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S Tyneside

Jarrow, Anglo-Saxon architectural fragment




Architectural Fragment

Architectural Fragment

Early Medieval



Part of a baluster frieze reused as a gravestone, in medium-grained micaceous yellow sandstone. Broken but unweathered, measuring 38.7 cm high x 29.3 cm wide x 12.6 cm deep. At the top there are 4 knobs, perhaps part a re-cutting for use as a later gravestone. Below, and set in a flat-band moulding, is a series of balusters. The outer pairs have splayed caps and bases, rounded mouldings top and bottom, an incised line down the centre. The centre three are straight. Below is a projecting plinth. Over the stone there is a white paint or wash. Dated to the late 7th-early 8th century, and found in 1975 in archaeological excavations north of the church.




<< HER 1221 >> R.J. Cramp, 1984, Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture, Vol. I, Part 1, p. 120, pl. 102 (544-6, 549) (Jarrow 28)

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