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Tyne and Wear HER(12282): Jarrow, Uth' yar' Fishery - Details

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S Tyneside

Jarrow, Uth' yar' Fishery



Agriculture and Subsistence

Fish Trap

Fish Weir



Documentary Evidence

Uth' yar' in 1128, Vtiare in 1195, Vth yare, Utyare in 1340 and frequently until 1518 with variations Ute, Out(e), Owte, Uttyng 1372-3 and 1495-6. 'Ute' is Old English for outside, distant or on the outskirts. One of the monks' weirs in Jarrow. Described in a lease of 1338 as the 'sectator of le Staneryare' (HER 12275). An out-yair is situated entirely in the course of the river and not attached to the bank at all. The main catch would have been salmon, but in fact a wider range of fish would have been taken (eg. Eels, pike, minnow, burbot, trout and lamprey' {G.N. Garmondsway (ed), 1939, 'Aelfric's Colloquy', pp 101-2}.




Victor Watts, 1986, Some Northumbrian Fishery Names II in Durham Archaeological Journal, 2, 1986, pp 55-61

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